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Best Games 2016

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PostPosted: Sun 1 Jan - 17:36 (2017)    Post subject: Best Games 2016 Reply with quote

My favorites of 2016 tell wat are yours and tell me wat to play?

1. Wolfendoom: Blade of Agony(Chapter1) - game so good i rly wanted fap to it it's Maybe on old engine but dat 
details are awsome many guns maps enmies 10900099324990482394832 secrets, many References to movies Like Indiana 
Jones, Mummy and other epic movies, Game is hard like all old games, But Blazkowic OWNAGE there. Only chapter 1 was 
realased it's like 1/3 of full game guy is still working on next chapters But if i saw dat Chapter 2 Teaser i can;t 
wait for dat chapter 2  10/10

2. Mafia 3 - can be say best game of 2016 4 me it had many glitches Still 4 me game was awsome, Dat story awsome 
city awsome, driving it was very good but ofc mutch easier than mafia 1 or 2 you dont need fuel your cars.
But playing ass dat badass nigger killing all with brutality awsome 10/10

3. Rise of Tomb Raider - dunno if dat game is dat year i think on PC it came out this year, Love dat Larass Croftass 
ass and boobs ofc gameplay awsome survivor guns itp, still prefered dat earlier Tomb Raider but dat still got dat 
high lever 10/10

awsome games i played

RTCW The Dark Army: Uprising - i think it was out on 2015 already but the end verison we got a month ago game is 
awsome i think best mod for RTCW many guns epic maps epic storyline And dat final boss omg i wanted give up fighted 
him like 1 hour finaly found a bug to beat him i think it's only possible way 10/10

final boss is a unhit super solider with a tesla gun you need to survive like 2-4 minutes problem is you have nearly 
no place to hide from dat tesla gun

-Batlefield 1 - didnt played but rly want to, watched some gameplay Rly liked they come back to WW times prefer ww2 
but still game rox The single player was good not dat Cod style but had like 6 missions on random places in the 
world. 8/10

-Call of Duty Infinite Warfare - worst call of duty maybe Black Ops 3 was maybe shitter, dat first missions was rly 
shit, most of the game to it had some nice epic moments and locations but traveling over the galaxy in 1 day ya 
dat's new cod can be on fucking mars , venus pluton(not planet lol) be nearly on the sun lol. Lost alone in the 
galaxy fucking dont die lol UNREAL!!! but funny lol. But the ending was realy good:  6/10

on last mission you crew has 767 members only fucking 4 will be still alive all main characters die Only 1 fucking 
bitch i hated fucking didnt died :/ 

-Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - game was not bad but very similar to earluier games still i could watch 
earlier dat naruto ending coz fooking manga ended 3 years ago and endin in anime was like few months ago. STill game 
was playable Only 1 dat japanese game was playable.

-DragonBall Xenoverse 2- fuck datr first game was good i enjoyed it but now we get fooking same game, game got few 
changes maybe but story line is fucking same i stoedy it play dunno if will contiinue 

-One Piece Burning Blood - new one piece games but better than the others still not enjoing it stoped play to.

Some good games didnt checked yet

Dishonored 2
Watchdogs 2
Pokemon GO
Uncharted 4
Far Cry Primal

Some games i rly enjoied playing:

GTA V dat single player last week i was playing dat gta only finaly  finished dat single player Rly enjoyed dat it's 
rly like 20-40 hours of gameplay to finish it all p.s. My online is hacked buy i can use it maybe some online 
somtimes coz fooking Waterboss spamed me last times lol

Postal 2 - lol it was rly cheap on steam buyed it and finished 2 days later many epic achievments game is funny 
violent and retarded but super enjoyed it.

Soldier of Fortune 1 - ya ya i finished tthis game 12342423489024 times but still like it, puting dat custom lvl 
with unreal respawn and you have not even time to stop coz enemies rushing on you and you only ripping their hands 
legs heads dicks, and do many bad stuff to them :p

Some Multiplayer 

Payday 2 - ofc if there is hype we play then we need rest for few weeks but always coming back to dat game 780 hours 
only(german haci 1100+ hours get life lol)

RTCW - worst year playing very litle only on parties last week i played more but if work starts i will be off again 
i think. 1 of my goals in 2017 is get dat year better than 2016 lol

Don't Starve Together - enjoyed it 4 litle maybe 1 day we schould play it again.

Warframe - i enjoyed it litle i stoped play fooking haci german got to good and dont want play with me anymore lol and dat updates lol

Conter-Strike: Global Offensive - let's say i liked play like 3 matches every weekend But last 3 months fucking shit 
updates of dat game make it unplayable 4 me First thay added some dat spray shit no one cares i only lvl up to get 
skins 4 guns always you drop shit but can use it or sell no i drop fucking useless spray cant sell it and it got 
like 50 uses so fuck it, And Last month thay fucked sounds my brain rly hurts when i play it i stoped lol

Serious Sam: Revolution like SOF1 i finished dat game 124892428235092 times alone i coop itp now we didnt finish it :p we schould lol

Warface - a good shooter enjoyed it for 8 hours :p maybe if get team we can play it

Left4Dead2 - played a litle for coop game enjoyable

Maybe you got idea wat coop we can play?

Or sp games wat are good? 

READ IT!! lol

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